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Nanne Bailey

Those of us who undertake explorations into sensorial delights, finding ourselves in the realms between worlds, the very essence of perfumery is to touch us in ways that are different to our everyday states, a leap out into the stretches of time and memory beyond the mundane.  German perfumer Nanne Bailey is a woman of absolute faith, following her beliefs in her love of fragrance and devotion to Angels. In the true fashion of belief, she appeared in my life by just sending some very powerful words at precisely the right moment.  Since then we have conversed quite a few times and I now explore her first creation avidly. The perfect introduction.


YouTube Review Video mi2 by Yana Tommelise:


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Nanne Bailey Parfums Mi2
Доброго времени всем


Fragrantica report of mi2 for RussiaИнтервью-с-парфюмером-Нэнн-Бэйли-5655.html