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Nanne Bailey

Those of us who undertake explorations into sensorial delights, finding ourselves in the realms between worlds, the very essence of perfumery is to touch us in ways that are different to our everyday states, a leap out into the stretches of time and memory beyond the mundane.  German perfumer Nanne Bailey is a woman of absolute faith, following her beliefs in her love of fragrance and devotion to Angels. In the true fashion of belief, she appeared in my life by just sending some very powerful words at precisely the right moment.  Since then we have conversed quite a few times and I now explore her first creation avidly. The perfect introduction.




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Nanne Bailey Parfums Mi2

Доброго времени всем




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Made in Heaven / An angel’s fragrance

Parfums Review / Sabine Wolff

How do I start? Nanne has described this fragrance so intensely on her website,

that I do not really know what else would be done.

Nanne Bailey, a perfume designer from Berlin, in whose perfume studio you can create your own fragrances. A woman who radiates so much joy and love – only on the basis of the photo – that one likes to be near her.

mi2 starts explosive sourly rosy. Sparkling like a delicious effervescent candy without being sweet. You can feel the connection to angels between heaven and earth. A strong rose and a fruity, crunchy fresh raspberry radiate around the bet. A smile on his face, no, a heartfelt laugh. A laugh that everyone has to laugh with. Happy and free of worries. A laugh right in your face and a stormy but loving hug from Frankincense and Madagascar vanilla, refreshing siam benzoin and amber, do not allow to refuse this embrace.

To be safe and to be a one caress one by the band of white musk. Caressing the skin tenderly, so that the set up hairs in a flash and start to dance up and down. Never leave the couple rose and raspberry and you always have the feeling of being wanted, desired, loved and free. A durability that accompanies you throughout the day. You float, you are shining, you are shining. Love and a little bit of gratitude for this heavenly dessert, refreshing with a little grapefruit and bergamot, clear and cool with frankincense without being too sacral. A round, harmonious fragrance and I thank you dear Nanne for this fragrance experience!





Review from Marco Rondinelli


Bild von Marco Rondinelli


mi2 is a perfume that has inspired me to a mystical encounter, a kind of exit from the body through deep meditation.  A pure encounter with the divine substance, with an immense white light that does not become blind.  A state of grace in which the nose perceives the fragrance of holiness, the purity of the creation of its original state: the fragrance of the rose.

On the skin I immediately feel a fresh and spicy ingredient of cinnamon, light nuances of small citrus fruits and finally a delicate floral note.  The first ten minutes are like a crescendo of emotions, because the real effect only occurs after Mi2 has taken a breath and at that moment the flowers, supported by a magnificent vanilla and amber, begin to dance.  The back part of this fragrance goes back a bit to the successful agreement that combines rose with vanilla, amber and delicate gourmand notes. Feminine in its entirety, but also masculine, if man wants to show himself to get involved.

Top notes: cloves, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange.
Heartnote: rose, jasmine, sandalwood.
Base notes: white musk, amber, frankincense, benzoin, vanilla.

Nanne Bailey recently gave me her Mi2, her perfume, her creation.  Nanne’s brand continues to evolve, and she, a bubbly and friendly figure, is constantly researching new fragrances made with care.
Nanne Bailey wrapped this perfume in a transparent bottle with slender lines … towards the sky.  The package shows a thoughtful angel being abducted by meditation.  This debut in the world of smells takes place with a perfume that pays homage to the Queen of Flowers: the rose and the splendid sequence of precious sweet notes that underline it.
Nanne lives in Berlin, I will soon see her in Milan, I can not wait to meet this wonderful person.






Diego Napetti

mi2 – un profumo che tocca i cuori, una fragranza che porta spiritualità nella propria vita.

mi2 è una fragranza concettuale che apre e comunica il tema della spiritualità, degli angeli e la possibile comunicazione con noi. Racconta dell’unione tra cielo e terra, tra cielo e cuore.
Il “cordis” della fragranza è la Rosa: una Rosa preziosa, ricca, opulenta e piena di sfaccettature.
La Rosa parla di amore, in questa fragranza diventa completamente nuova in quanto descrive la spinta verso il divino. La tradizione spirituale sostiene che la Rosa è associata allo spirito e alla divinità, sovente capita che le persone percepiscano un intenso profumo di rose intorno a loro, odorando così la presenza del divino.
La vicinanza divina può essere percepita come un intenso e inebriante profumo. mi2 parla di questo “amore supremo” e cattura questo “spirito di luce” in una boccetta.
La nota calda, armoniosa e spirituale del Legno di Sandalo, l’accogliente, introspettivo ed esotico Benzoino del Siam, la carnale e passionale Ambra si mescolano al candore innocente del Muschio Bianco. La Vaniglia Madagascar, burrosa e dolce, e l’Incenso, “la chiave del paradiso”, santo, sacro e misterico risuonano tutti sottilmente, racchiudendo delicatamente la Rosa, emotiva, espressiva, scintillante, vitrea, fragile, mistica, materna, dolce e sensuale inondata dal luccichio, forte, leggero, imperiale, atavico e seduttivo del Gelsomino abbracciato alla Regina dei fiori in un intimo e ascetico amplesso sacro.
Il preludio ancestrale, soave ricordo del Giardino dell’Eden, e rinfrescante di note esperidate di Pompelmo, Mandarino e Bergamotto innalza e illumina la mente. Oltre a un Lampone intrigante, allusivo e caldo, la nota di testa contiene eleganti sentori cipriati accanto a una speziata, esuberante e carnale Cannella, che si dice porti fortuna e che rappresenta il principio della luce solare.
mi2 copre il desiderio di offrire qualcosa di unico da scoprire oltre al profumo, arricchisce e risponde ai desideri più reconditi del cuore e dell’anima.
È un ponte tra il cielo e la terra, un collegamento con ciò che è sacro dentro e fuori noi; è un profumo non solo per il corpo, ma per l’anima.
La denominazione di mi2 ha origine da (anch’io) con il significato: „credi nell’amore e nel cielo sopra“ che tocca e tocca il personale di „me“ per poter riscoprire e riflettere il bene in te stesso in tutte le sue sfaccettature.

Possa questa fragranza ispirarvi a diffondere la luce del vostro cuore in tutto il mondo.

Diego Napetti Parfum Blogger


mi2 – HEAVEN S(C)ENT – a perfume that touches hearts, a fragrance that brings angels to life!

mi2 is a conceptual fragrance which opens and communicates the theme of angels and the divine and evokes a possible interchange with us. 

It is a bridge between heaven and earth and narrates the union between heaven and our heart.

The heart of the fragrance as the main actor is rose. A precious rose: rich, multifaceted, magnificent and accomplished. 

Rose itself always stands for love! In this perfume, the meaning of rose gets a new interpretation. It evolves into a recall of highest divine love, taking a heavenly reference!

In spiritual tradition rose is associated with a heart`s spirit and divinity where people can perceive an intense scent of rose around them, revealing the holy presence of the divine.

Divine nearness can be perceived as an intense and inebriating fragrance frequency!

mi2 expresses this „supreme love“ and captures this „spirit of light“ in a bottle.

We sense a warm, sensual, harmonious and spiritual blend of of Sandalwood combined with the cozy, introspective and exotic Benzoin of Siam.

The carnal and passionate Amber blends in with the innocent candor of White Musk.

The buttery sweetness of Madagaskar Vanilla melts with the scent of incense representing “the key for heaven“: holy, sacred and mysterious.

All these nuances subtly resonate whilst delicately embracing the rose with its emotional, expressive, sparkling, mystical, maternal, sweet and sensual connotations.

Flooded by shimmering strong imperial light of the atavistic and seductive Jasmine, the Queen of flowers is enchanted in an intimate and ascetic sacred embrace.

The ancestral prelude, a sweet reminder of the Garden of Eden, and the refreshing citric notes of Grapefruit, Mandarin and Bergamot elevate and illuminate the mind.

In addition to an intriguing, allusive juicy raspberry, the top note includes elegant powdery impressions, paired with a touch of spicy, exuberant and carnal Cinnamon,

which is said to bring good luck representing the principle of sunlight!

mi2 responds to the desire to offer something unique to discover beyond the perfume. It elevates and responds to the innermost desires of (our) heart and soul,

serving as a bridge between heaven and earth, building a connection with what is sacred in and around us. 

The name „mi2“ originates from „me too“ referring to the meaning „ believe in love and heaven above „that aligns and connects with the inner  „me“  to rediscover and reflect the good in ourselves in all its facets!

May this fragrance inspire you to diffuse your heart`s power into this world!

Translated review from Diego Napetti, Italy